About thai massages

The tradition of Thai massages has been going on for more than 2,500 years. Buddha’s physician and friend Jivaka is considered to be their founder. He supplemented his treatment methods and already known massages with traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda. Especially acupressure techniques and stimulation of various meridian points in the body (flows of internal energy) were gradually adopted from China. Aromatic rituals and the use of herbs, fruits and spices in massages came from India. Traditional Thai massage also uses elements of yoga, reflexology, stretching, peeling and other procedures.

Effects of Thai massages

The effects of such massages are felt on the body and the mind also relaxes and rests. Massage affects the energy pathways in the body and its goal is to harmonize and remove energy blocks.

They have a beneficial effect on internal organs and glands

They remove toxins from the body

They eliminate back pain

They act as a prevention against arthritis

They relieve stress and tension

They improve body flexibility

They increase immunity

improve joint and tendon mobility

Stimulate the functionality of blood and lymphatic circulation

counteract sleep disorders

promote metabolism

release tension in the body and mind

Although Thai massages have many positive effects on our body, there are cases in which this type of massage is not suitable for you. Thai massage is not recommended in the following cases:

Treat yourself to a beneficial Thai massage and support your health and mental balance. Relax, enjoy peace and care.



Do you need to relax, boost your health or beauty? Choose from our range according to what will contribute most to your harmony. Treat yourself to a full-body massage or relief for your legs, face and back.

Day Spa

Perfect relaxation that will transport you to another world for a few hours. 5 hours of relaxation, care, attention for your health, inner harmony and peace.


Rituals are a combination of massages and procedures according to the focus. Choose a ritual that supports your health, harmonizes the soul or regenerates the body after sports.
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