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Asian massage rituals are a combination of massages and other procedures. Thanks to rituals, you will maintain harmony and balance of body and spirit.

Do you want to relax, regenerate after sports? Are you looking for inner peace or do you want to enjoy a beauty ritual?

Treat yourself to the best according to what you need right now.

Coconut bliss

Warms in the winter months

A massage ritual created especially for the winter months. It is supposed to remind of summer and at the same time protect the body against the cold. It is a combination of coconut aroma massage and later coconut heated pillows. Natural coconut oil is beneficial for the skin, the heat from the pillows and the released coconut essence into the body also act as prevention.

Harmonizing asian ritual

A classic Asian ritual for the harmony of body, mind and soul

The classic Asian ritual has a versatile effect on the whole body. It starts with a reflex foot massage and warm foot wraps to get the blood and energy flowing in the body. This is followed by an aromatic oil massage. Its active ingredients are absorbed more efficiently and have a beneficial effect on the internal organs. The ritual is completed with a massage of the head, face and neck, which contributes to blood circulation in the head and gives you overall harmony of body, mind and soul.

Healing relaxing ritual

Feel the healing effects of Thai therapies on your own body

Feel the healing effects of Thai therapies on your own body

This ritual is mainly focused on the healing aspects of Thai therapies. It starts with a reflex foot massage that affects the nerve endings in the body and stimulates all the organs in the body. The flower scrub revives and supports the skin. Gentle rubbing of the scrub prepares a good ground for an aromatic massage, which mobilizes the excited body and skin and gives it energy and vitality.

Herbal balance ritual

A ritual that warms the body and induces inner harmony

For optimal balance in the body, we recommend this ritual focused mainly on inner harmony. You start with a reflex foot massage, which calms the internal organs and bloods the whole body. This is followed by a Hot Herbal Compress by rubbing a hot mixture of herbs with special pads. The ritual is completed with a gentle massage of the head, face and neck, which will contribute to the desired balance in the body.

Royal beauty ritual

Anti-cellulite ritual especially for women

Anti-cellulite ritual offered by Green Lotus only for women. You first immerse your whole body in a “flower peeling” that smooths the skin and removes dead skin cells. Then you will undergo an aroma massage with a special Thai natural anti-cellulite oil. Gentle acupressure touches will increase the effectiveness of the emulsions. The ritual is also suitable as prevention.

Sport expert ritual

For athletes
Muscle relaxation and treatment of sports injuries

Excellent regeneration therapy for active sportsmen and at the same time ideal treatment of muscle and movement injuries of athletes. It starts with a classic Thai massage, which achieves stretching and blood circulation of the muscles. The therapy continues with the Muscle Relief procedure, which then relaxes and calms the muscles. At the end, athletes will welcome a head, neck, shoulder and face massage.

Thai golfer ritual

For golfers
Perfect regeneration and relaxation for golfers

Regenerative therapy created specifically for the golf community. During the massage, attention is paid to those parts that are under the most stress during golf (lower back, legs, knees, shoulders). In addition to massage, the Thai procedure also uses stretching, so the muscles are not only massaged, but also stretched – relaxed. During the massage, an emulsion is used, which in Thailand is intended for the regeneration of Thai boxers.

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